The Diary of a Fille à Chat

The Diary of a Fille à Chat


About la Fille à Chat

Free and aware, full of dreams and stories to tell, whimsical, mystical and a bit old fashioned,
at one with nature, with wildflowers and with all that is feline,
straightforward, refined, seeker of new creative ideas and old flea market objects...

La Fille à Chat - the 'Cat Lady' ! - is full of mystery:
she grasps the gentle language of flowers,
she has a special understanding of animals,
she knows how to make a home peaceful with decorative objects lovingly crafted by hand,
and by mastering and sharing ancient rituals for purifying one's space with the gentle fumes of burnt sage...


Designer, floral poetry artist, observer of nature, slow-living craftswoman, cat-whisperer

La Fille à Chat has been profoundly influenced by the beliefs of ancient civilizations, in particular the Celts' and North American First Nations' appreciation of the beauty, mystery and power of the natural world. She hopes to share some of this wisdom and grace in the decorative objects she designs and in the purification rituals she makes available.

The 'Cat Lady' learned about plants from her family at a very early age. In addition to the dried flower creations shown here, she works to expand her comprehension of the magic of flowers in the form of botanical sketches and water colours.

Her knowledge of plants and animals is complemented by her understanding of the human body and its joints and muscles as a trained massage therapist, a profession which she practised as an employee of the prestigious Parisian hotels The Ritz and Le Bristol, as well as in an exclusive Swiss clinic. These chic environments, in which the creative forces of the best in decoration, floral design and personal service come together in a quest for excellence, provided a wealth of experience in all that is discrete and refined.

La Fille à Chat then returned to her native Normandy, land of apple blossoms and verdant countryside. She set up her atelier in the historic heart of Bayeux, a small city with a big past: William the Conqueror, the Bayeux Tapestry, the June 6th 1944 D-Day Landings... The echoes of over one thousand years of human history blend with inland and seaside landscapes and flora and fauna, providing inspiration on many levels.

The decorative objects presented here are one-of-a-kind creations crafted by hand by La Fille à Chat, using various delicate natural materials chosed according to season. Flowers are gathered and dried with care, often requiring long trips into the countryside and fastidious preparation. Some flowers and herbs are acquired from others sources, all grown and prepared in France. The scallop shells and the sand used for the smudging kit are selected by hand from the shores of Normandy.

Every item purchased on this online shop is carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery.

Slow Living for better living...

"The path is so beautiful... why not stop a while and enjoy."
Saying attributed to the Dakota Native American tribe

La Fille à Chat creates objects that invite you to slow down and enjoy your interior. But your home may also need healing, and you and pets may benefit from improved mutual understanding. The rite of smudging and the art of animal communication tap into the power of nature and ancient sacred beliefs to help purify body and soul and to learn from the beauty and wisdom of the natural world.

"Join me in this thrilling quest to understand nature, capture its essence through the philosophy of Slow Living and to learn from the inherent intelligence of the animal world."

La Fille à Chat